How to Iron Pants: 3 Crucial Tips

Wondering how to press pants?

When people think of ironing clothes, they usually think of dress shirts covered in wrinkles, but ironing is also essential to keeping your pants looking good. You’ll find that ironing pants is broadly similar to ironing any other article of clothing: use broad, sweeping motions and don’t press down too hard. However, there are a few peculiarities that you need to be aware of in order to know how to iron pants.

This article is going to cover three of the essential tips to ironing pants, ranging from how to properly crease a pair of dress pants, to the technique you should use for your pockets. While most of these tips are applicable for dress pants, you can use them to improve your ironing technique with all types of trousers.

Best way to Iron Pants

The most popular use for a clothing iron with pants is creasing dress pants, which is essential to maintain their look. But how to iron dress pants? When you crease pants, you’ll want to lay them down flat on the ironing board and line up the inseams of each of the pant legs on top of each other.

Once you’ve lined up the seams for one of the pant legs, press the iron down and run it along the outer edges of the pants (which will be the front and back when you wear them). Repeat this for the other pant leg until you have creases. Once you’ve creased the pants, press each leg down the middle once to eliminate any remaining wrinkles.

How to iron pants pockets

A lot of people neglect to iron their pocket linings, and you may be wondering why you should iron a part of your pants that nobody can see. When your pants are tight, wrinkles in the pockets will be visible through the fabric. If the wrinkles are bad enough, they may even make the pockets bunch up.

All you have to do is lay out your pants on the ironing board and turn the pocket linings inside out, poking out of the waist. When you have them positioned, simply run your iron over the pocket linings until all of the wrinkles have been worked out of them and then place them back inside the pants.

How to Iron Around Zippers

When ironing pants, you’ll want to be more careful than when you work with other kinds of clothes thanks to the prevalence of zippers and buttons on them. Beyond making it harder to iron your pants, these bits can also end up damaging the soleplate of your iron.

While ironing the waistband, ensure that your iron doesn’t come into direct contact with the button, especially if it’s made out of plastic instead of metal. While working around the waistband, you’ll want to press along the surface, but you’ll have to watch out for the pleats.


Ironing pants isn’t difficult, but there are a few extra things that you have to consider when doing so. We hope that this short guide has proven helpful in providing you with the proper ironing technique and guideline on how to iron pants and trousers of all types. We sincerely hope that these ironing tips for pants have been useful to you.