Best Steam Iron 2020 – Top 10 Reviews, Buyer’s Guide, and Tips

Whether it’s your favorite T-shirt before a night out or your white button down before a meeting, details matter. Just as you wouldn’t leave the house with stains on your clothes, the trained eye knows the message that wrinkles send.

You’ve got clothes for different occasions and a personal fashion style you’ve honed over time. However, regardless of what you wear or where you’re off to, details matter.

If you wouldn’t so much as step into clothes with marked stains that stick out like a sore thumb, why lower the bar to commit a cardinal style sin by shutting the door behind you when you have wrinkles on your clothing. If it’s glaring to you, you can be sure a trained eye would pick on it.

And who knows who you’re going to chance upon, eh? First impressions matter a great deal.

The bottom line is if you’re concerned about how you look, you need the best steam iron as a fashion essential. Period. The right iron isn’t always the first or easiest choice. And that’s where this guide comes in to help you make sense of the current market of steam irons.

  • How can I find the best steam iron for my needs or budget?
  • What are the most important features and factors to not lose sight of?
  • Heck, I haven’t got the time to become an iron connoisseur: If I don’t want to go wrong with my purchase, what steam iron should I get?

The right iron isn’t always the first or easiest choice. For those that want and expect perfection, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the best steam irons on the market. Any of the recommendations on this list is sure to satisfy and leave you looking pressed and ready to take the night or seize the day.

Black & Decker D2030
Sunbeam Steam Master
Shark Steam Iron GI405
Maytag M400
CHI Professional 13101

Top 10 Steam Iron Reviews

Black and Decker D2030 Professional - The Best Steam Iron

We’re going to start off our list with the Black and decker iron D2030 reviews; Black and Decker’s 1500-watt steam iron. This hefty clothes iron is fairly basic, but still packs a decent amount of power and can handle a lot.

Despite lacking in some of the safety features that more advanced models come with (and only 31 steam holes in the soleplate), the Black and Decker D2030 is still a strong iron for daily use. It can easily tackle most fabrics and has a sturdy feel.

It might not be the most high-tech product on our list, but it’s certainly a reliable machine from a brand you know you can trust. Check out our Black and Decker D2030 Review.

  • The large 12-ounce water reservoir is very convenient.
  • Only a seven-second wait between steam bursts.
  • Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes.
  • Digital display.

Sunbeam Steam Master Iron Review - Most Reliable Option

Let’s move on to the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron. If you’ve never heard of the Sunbeam brand before, here’s all you need to know; they’re cheap, reliable, and usually don’t come with a wide variety of features.

Despite not looking like the most feature-heavy of irons, you can still always rely on the Sunbeam brand to deliver an excellent product that does the job well. This garment steamer can tackle near enough any pile of laundry and won’t leave your bank balance looking sad.

The Sunbeam is safely middle-ground in execution and presentation, but there’s still a whole bunch of features to love and pros to this steam iron. More details in our in-depth Sunbeam Steam Master Iron review.

  • 1400-watts of power.
  • A strong and sturdy stainless steel soleplate.
  • Self-cleaning systems.
  • A retractable cord.
  • Three-way motion smart shut-off system.

Shark Steam Iron GI405 - Smoothest Glide

The GI405 model of the Shark Steam Iron is the lighter of the two options available (GI305 being the more lightweight and less advanced version). If you’re in the market for an impressive soleplate and an iron filled with tech, this could be the one for you.

The Shark GI405 has plenty of reliability considering how low the price point is. It’s definitely heavier than its sister model, but that’s to be expected because of how many more features it has.

We really enjoyed trying out the GI405 and think that you’ll find a lot to love with this machine. And if it’s not exactly right for you, maybe try out the more lightweight option and see what you think of that? More info on this product on this page.

  • Smooth gliding is easy with the Shark Steam Iron GI405.
  • An 8-foot cord gives you plenty of room.
  • Anti-drip technology.
  • Large 9” stainless steel soleplate.
  • Auto shut-off.

Maytag M400 - Best Iron For Different Fabric

The Maytag Iron M400 is the type of clothes iron you’d buy if you had a massive pile of tricky laundry you need to work your way through. It’s a tank of a steam iron and has a bunch of features.

The Maytag Iron M400 is a veritable workhorse in the ironing industry. You’d be hard-pressed to find another steam iron able to tackle a huge, stubborn laundry pile. One thing to note, though, is that customer feedback states the temperature control button is rather awkward to adjust.

Awkwardness aside, the Maytag is a brilliantly put together machine and you can tell that a lot of research and attention to detail has gone into its design. Even if it did fall short of the mark with button placement. Read more about it here.

  • Soft grips make long laundry sessions a breeze.
  • Long 8-foot cord with swivel functionality.
  • Fabric selector dial.
  • A large amount of steam from an 8-ounce tank.
  • Heats up fast.

CHI Professional 13101 - Most Efficient Iron

If it’s efficiency and high-performance you’re after, then you might just be after a steam iron like the CHI 13101. We were really impressed with how much functionality they managed to pack into this particular model.

This clothes iron has a titanium-infused soleplate and over 300 steam holes. As you can see, the CHI 13101 steam iron has loads of useful features, securing its place as one of the best clothes irons available on the market today. It really must be good if the majority of complaints only focus on it being a bit fiddly to fill the water tank.

We have to say, we were honestly surprised with how impressive the CHI 13101 review was. In a list of legendary iron steamers, the CHI model really stood out to us (our full chi steam iron reviews). It had near enough everything we could possibly need.

  • The long-lasting soleplate resists scratching and peeling.
  • A high steam output means less time ironing.
  • Precision tip.
  • Soft grip handle for long laundry sessions.
  • 1700-watts of fast-heating power.
  • A massive 10-foot cord.

Panasonic NI-L70SRW - Cordless Iron

Despite looking rather fragile, the Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron is beautifully sturdy and reliable. It’s a beautiful-looking clothes iron and has received a tonne of praise for its functionality, design, and ease-of-use.

Even just a glance at that list can show you how high-quality the Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron is. It’s almost world’s apart from some of the other entries on this list and, despite this, it’s still a relatively cheap purchase.

We can’t praise this cordless wonder enough. It looks amazing, has brilliant features, and is – in terms of functionality – one of the definite best irons in our list.

  • It’s cordless.
  • The retractable cord on the charging port.
  • Temperature regulation controls.
  • Variable steam control.
  • Monitor controls with heat light indicators.
  • Anti-drip systems.
  • Detachable water tank.

SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron

Weighing in at just 2.4 pounds, the sleek and stylish SINGER Expert Finish Steam Iron is one of the smaller clothes steamers on the market. The size of this handheld steamer doesn’t affect the number of features packed in, though, as it comes loaded with a host of useful features.

We particularly love the temperature alert system and the extremely accurate LCD display. No waiting around trying to figure out when you can iron, now the machine will tell you when to start!

The self-cleaning aspect of this steam iron was something that we couldn’t get enough of. It’s so important not to let water drip on your clothes while ironing (especially tainted water), so this one really hit the mark for us. More info about this iron on this page.

  • LCD Display.
  • Temperature Alert.
  • Automatic shut-off features.
  • Self-cleaning (anti-scale and anti-calcium systems).
  • High-powered (1700-watts).

Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron

Here is our full Rowenta DW5080 Review.

  • Self Cleaning
  • 400 holes patented Soleplate
  • Large Ergonomic Thermostat Knob
  • Anti Drip System
  • Large Water Tank

T-FAL Steam - Ceramic Flat Iron

The T-FAL range of irons has a rich heritage, having been produced by the France-based homeware company Tefal. This model is no different and comes with the quality you’d expect from the brand.

These are all pretty standard features by now, but where the T-FAL really excells is the presentation and being an all-around monster when it comes to tackling difficult laundry. A precision point tip provides you with ease of movement that is certainly worth the price tag.

It might not meet everyone’s expectations, but the T-FAL range can always be relied on and is comfortable to use and brimming with smart design. Click here if you want more details.

  • Durilium ceramic soleplate with ultra-smooth glide.
  • A steam trigger for maximum comfort.
  • Anti-drip technology.
  • Extra wide base for stability.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Temperature-ready indicator light.

Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence - Most Ecological Steam Iron

If you’re looking for a steam iron that’ll not just handle even the toughest of jobs but also save you money in the process, then the Rowenta DW6080 could just be the iron for you. With an eco-steam system that uses less energy (and therefore lowers your bills), this smart looking iron is a revelation in ironing.

Aside from the stunning eco-steam system, the Rowenta DW6080 has very similar features to the SINGER Expert Finish. Although it will cost you a little more to purchase.

We couldn’t get enough of the energy savings features this steam iron had and if you’re anything like us, neither will you. Check it out in more details on this Rowenta eco iron review.

  • Anti-drip design.
  • High-powered (1700-watts).
  • Three settings (dry, eco, boost).
  • Automatic shut-off features.
  • 400 micro holes in the stainless steel soleplate.

Bonus: The Easehold - Best Travel Steam Iron

If you are looking for a portable iron steamer suited for ironing while on the road, this product is amazing. Easy to transport and very compact (only 29cm), this steam iron is nicely designed and is suitable for different occasions and functions. Regardless of what end of the planet you’re at, all you need is access to electricity and the Easehold Steam Iron whizzes to life. It is a rather efficient device for its size, ideal for fast and effortless work. This iron steamer reaches max temperature quickly and can be used to iron all types of garments.

It will turn off automatically if it is overheated. Consequently, your clothes will stay protected, and there is no chance of burning them. It goes without saying that this appliance satisfactorily meets the latest technological standards. As a result, it has a wide range of useful functions and features. It can also disinfect, sterilize, and deodorize your clothes thanks to its nano dry steam technology.

The manufacturer Easehold offers excellent technical support and a 6 months warranty on this product. If you move around a lot and need to always look sharp, this is the best steam iron for traveling. It is, of course, available on Amazon, and you can get more details on this product by clicking the above links.

  • Preheats in 40 seconds only
  • Suitable for home or travel use
  • Automatic Shut-Off to prevent you from accidentally burning your clothes
  • Horizontal and vertical steaming
  • Powerful new technologies integrated

Other Usefull Steam Iron Articles

Article #1

Household name brand Black & Decker and Rowenta rule the steam iron space with class-leading products that offer high-end performance without burning a hole in your wallet. Nonetheless, brands such as Maytag, Shark and CHI aren’t that far behind with fascinating alternatives.

Best Steam Iron Buyer’s Guide: How can I find the right steam iron for my needs?

The days of steam irons that were one trick ponies are over. We can’t say we miss them much, although we’d very much like for modern steam irons to retain their seemingly indestructible build quality.

Today, steam irons require very little input from you in a bid to satisfy your every ironing need. The array of features and functionalities, though laudable, can make finding the right pick overwhelming.

That said, in general, you want an iron with a comfortable grip and low weight. You may not always engage in long ironing sessions, but when you do; your body will thank you for not getting a boulder.

You also want a scratch-resistant soleplate (the underside) to avoid inadvertent damage to your clothes as well as a thin tip for better accessibility (you want to be able to reach all areas of your garment).

Rounding up, the perfect steam iron will come with a sufficiently lengthy cord and an easy-to-fill water tank. It’d also crucially sport effective safety features to prevent accidents—say due to distractions or if you have kids around.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Steam Iron

Power rating (in watts)

The power of a steam iron determines its efficiency. You want your iron to have at least 1500 watts of power in order to do a proper job. The steam pressure is also going to be a major factor that has to be taken into account. Each program has a different setting when it comes to steam pressure. Make sure the iron you are going to purchase is compatible with the types of fabric you plan on ironing.

Cord vs cordless

Cordless irons are becoming increasingly popular as battery technology improves and charging time reduces. They are incredibly convenient, as you aren’t tethered to the electrical outlet; thereby easing your range of movements while ironing. Check out our detailed review of the Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron.

That notwithstanding, cordless steam irons are currently unable (may change in the near future) to go toe-to-toe with the best-corded steam irons with respect to performance, and so they may not be an option for you. But for the average Joe and Jane, they’re good enough.

In addition, cordless irons are substantially more expensive. You pay extra for the privilege of being an early adopter. In any case, if you make the choice to go with a corded clothing iron, ensure the cord is long enough so it doesn’t impede maneuverability.

The Soleplate

There are different types of soleplates. The two most common materials used are stainless steel and ceramic. As I mentioned earlier, make sure it is anti-scratch. Ideally, a nice soleplate has a lot of holes for better steam distribution across your iron.

Anti-calc, anti-drip, and self-clean systems

Even if these options seem very fancy, they are incredibly useful.

Calc (scale) is a pain to deal with and your iron will make your life much easier if it has the ability to deal with it autonomously. Not to mention that these features allow you to use tap water. The anti-drip feature is also very convenient and should not be overlooked.

Vertical Ironing

Some steam irons allow for vertical steaming. This is useful especially if you want to take care of your garments while placing them on a hanger. You can also iron your curtains without unhooking them thanks to this feature.

Auto turn-off safety features

I personally believe that it is a mandatory option to have on a steam iron. It literally can save lives (and property). I recommend you ensure the iron you buy has an auto turn-off security feature.

Are these options really necessary?

We are not going to reinvent the wheel here with all these features, they are just here to make your life easier and give you a more pleasant experience. It is now up to you to choose which ones are essential to you and which ones are trivial.

How much should a steam iron cost?

If you do not want some cheap quality iron that will fall apart after using it twice, I recommend you consider products with a minimum price of $25. Most of the products I have presented here are between $25 to $70 and offer excellent value for your money.

You can, of course, find more robust and feature-rich irons at higher price ranges but they don’t really fit into the “best steam iron” list as they can be overly expensive for very marginal improvements you may not really need.

How to use your sparkling new steam iron effectively?

When you unpack your steam iron for the first time, you want to test its power on pieces of fabric that you don’t mind burning. Any rag or tea towel will do, this way you can test every setting and every button before using it on your beloved clothes.

Our Final Purchasing Recommendations

For most people, the Rowenta DW5080 expertly satisfies the three cardinal buying considerations—performance, features, and cost. The Black+Decker D2030 is no slouch either as a competent alternative thanks to its amazing steam rate.

However for the college students, singles, and folks on a budget who are on the lookout for a well-made but competitively priced steam iron, the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron ticks all the right boxes.

A steam iron is an essential device to have if you want to take care of your clothes properly without spending too much money or time. It is a perfect fit for single people or couples. What is better than wearing freshly cleaned and ironed clothes to boost your self-confidence?

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