CHI Steam Iron 13101 Review

Review Of: CHI 13101 Steam Iron

Main Features

  • Soleplate made out of ceramic infused with titanium
  • Features 300 steam holes
  • Grip features a comfort texture
  • 1700 watts of power
  • Features a 10-foot long cord for extra reach
  • Temperature control with a fabric guide
  • Comes included with a two-year warranty





We Like

  • The power to iron out anything on any fabric
  • The high-end ceramic soleplate that makes the iron glide very smoothly
  • The very long cord which allows you a better movement freedom

We Don't Like

  • Very little we actually didn't like on this iron, it's actually a well built product with no real flaws

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There are a lot of advantages to looking good, but the most significant one is that it makes you feel more confident. A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that we like to look good for others, but a lot of the time, we just do it so that we can feel good about ourselves.

Clothes play a crucial role in helping you look your best, but it’s not about the kind of clothes that you’re wearing, it’s about what they look like. You can have the cheapest clothes in the world, but if they fit properly and they’re free of creases and wrinkles, then you’ll look (and feel) like a million bucks.

Unfortunately, it seems like wrinkles pop up at the most inconvenient times, and one of the best ways to get rid of them is by using an iron. If you’re in the market for a new steam iron that can keep your clothes looking as neat as possible, then you’re in the right place, because we’re going to review the CHI 13101 steam iron.

We’ll go over all of the features, as well as the iron’s build quality, value for money, and more. By the end of this review, you’ll know everything that you need to so that you can make an informed purchase. However, before moving on to our review, let’s go over a couple of crucial features that you should look for in the best steam iron.

The CHI 13101 Review And In-Depth Analysis

This iron makes good use of high-quality materials to improve its performance, most notably in the soleplate. The underside of this iron is mainly made out of ceramic. It also has some titanium added to improve its durability, making this one of the most reliable steam irons on the market.

The inclusion of a fabric guide on the temperature dial makes all CHI irons an excellent choice for customers who don’t have much experience ironing their clothes. Instead of needing to look up the right temperature for a fabric every time, you can simply glance down at the large, round dial.

Thanks to the 10-foot long power cord, you won’t always have to position your ironing board right next to a power outlet, giving you some much-needed maneuverability. For those long ironing sessions, you’ll find that this model has an ergonomic grip that helps keep your hand comfortable.

This CHI professional iron also features excellent build quality. It also feels much more reliable than other products in its price range. While aesthetics aren’t high up on this list of priorities, this iron even looks good thanks to its chrome trim and streamlined design. Thanks to a combination of user-friendliness and performance, this is one of the best irons out there.

This high-end CHI steam iron has plenty of additional features that help make it one of the most user-friendly models on the market. Easy to use, thanks to its ergonomic handle to its precision steam dial, the model 13101 is a high-quality professional clothing iron.


This is especially crucial if you save your wrinkled clothes in a single batch and then iron all of them at once. A steam iron with good ergonomics will feel like it fits your hand perfectly, and you won’t have to worry about any soreness developing if you’re perched in front of the ironing board for a long time.

When considering the ergonomics of a steam iron, take a look at the design of the handle and the kind of material that it’s made out of. You’ll typically want the grip to be soft but resilient enough for long-term use. Softer synthetic materials are usually chosen for their mix of comfort and durability.


You’re also going to have to look at the soleplate of your steam iron, as it will determine how well it performs. The first thing that many people will consider is the number of steam holes in the soleplate and how they’re distributed. More even placement results in better steam distribution while ironing.

Beyond the steam holes, you should also consider the smoothness of the soleplate, which will make it glide over clothes with ease. The underside of an iron should also be made of relatively durable metal that won’t end up getting scratched, as that can end up damaging your clothes or otherwise diminishing this iron’s performance.

What Other Say About The CHI 13101

We’ve also gone over what customers have had to say about this product in their reviews and testimonials, and most of it was positive.

A lot of buyers praised the ceramic soleplate for offering better heat distribution when compared to a typical stainless steel iron. This resulted in fewer burnt clothes and made the iron easier to use. The automatic shutoff was also a favourite, as it helps make the iron much safer than competing models.

One of the main complaints about this model is that it’s a bit too expensive for what it offers (the chi iron price is still very decent). Some buyers were expecting more impressive features or performance when you consider that this iron is about twice as much as the most popular models on the market. Beyond that, there were relatively few issues.

Buying Advice

This iron usually retails for around 70 dollars. However, you can easily find it available for about 60 dollars if you go to the right retailers. Amazon is 99% of the time the cheapest option. While the price is steep, this iron’s build quality makes it worth the cost. When you consider the inclusion of a two-year warranty, you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth out of this iron.

Final Words About This CHI 13101 Steam Iron

We hope that this review has provided you with all of the relevant info about the 13101 CHI steam iron. Finding the right iron doesn’t have to be a challenge, you just need to know where to look. You can also take a look at our top 10 buyer’s guide for the best steam irons on the market today.

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