Maytag M400 Review

Review Of: Maytag M400 Steam Iron

Main Features

  • 1500 watts
  • Steam Burst
  • Allows for vertical steaming
  • Sprays a fine mist, so your clothes don't become drenched while steaming
  • Heavy and smooth soleplate made of stainless steel





We Like

  • Heats Up Quickly - You don’t have to wait too long before you start to iron. The M400 is ready to be used in under 55 seconds with a complete tank of water. On average, most steam irons take around 2-3 minutes.
  • Iron Works With Little Effort - The soleplate is made of stainless steel and glides easily across clothes. The iron itself weighs about 3.3 pounds, which is heavy enough to remove wrinkles, but not heavy enough to make you tired.
  • Doubles as a Steamer - Users can use this iron as a clothes steamer to quickly remove wrinkles.

We Don't Like

  • Oddly Placed Temperature Handle - The temperature controller is placed right under the handle. This makes it difficult to see what is going on. Users will have to use both hands to change the handle while ironing.
  • Dark Water Tank - The design of the water tank makes it hard to view the water level.

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The Maytag M400 Review And In-Depth Analysis

Everyone needs a good iron. Having a steam iron gives you the ability to remove wrinkles from your clothes which means they look better and last longer. While you could opt for a traditional dry iron, they are more difficult to remove and don’t have the steaming features to make the process easier.

That’s why we crafted this Maytag M400 review article. It’s a compact iron that has the heating power to remove the toughest wrinkles. Keep reading to learn more about its features and why it’s a great asset to your home!

Maytag M400 Overview

The Maytag Iron M400 is a lightweight steam iron that’s meant for regular household use. It has over 1500 watts of power which can heat up in about 55 seconds. Thus, making it a great choice if you need to get your clothes prepared for the next job interview or event quickly.

The iron has a stainless steel soleplate that doesn’t corrode or rust easily, even if its used frequently to steam. This ensures that there are no stains that are passed to your garment during the steaming.

The sole plate has a quick heating time that takes no longer than a minute to reach its max heat level. This makes sure that you don’t have to keep on waiting. Because of this feature, it allows you to can iron and presses large quantities of garments within a short period of time and with its portability and size efficiency, you can store it anywhere you like.

If you’ve ever tried ironing more than 2-5 pieces of clothing in one sitting, then you’ll know the importance of grips. The M400 has a comfortable and soft grip that doesn’t hurt your hands irrespective of how long you’re using it.

The Maytag Iron M400 has an 8-foot cord that stays tangle free. Thus with this iron, retractability isn’t an issue. You can iron the iron garments without having to worry about tripping over the wire.

Furthermore, it has a 360 swivel that helps you glide your iron smoothly across the surface of your clothes smoothly whilst permitting fast changes in direction when ironing without resulting in weird lumps or ridges.

The Maytag Iron M400 has a water tank with an 8-ounce capacity. This allows users to have a fairly good job at removing the wrinkles from fabrics such as silk, linen, polyester, and cotton. This saves you time as you don’t have to continuously refill your tank, making the ironing process a lot easier.

Who Should Buy the Maytag Iron M400?

The M400 is perfect for people who wear linen clothing and have 3 or more linen outfits in their wardrobe. Removing wrinkles from this fabric can be difficult, and the M400 can be used to solve this problem with ease.

This iron is also useful for individuals who are into quilting and sewing. Using this iron can help smooth out the finished products on these type of projects.

How to Use the Maytag Iron M400?

After getting the Maytag Iron M400, you still have to maintain it in order for it to perform properly frequently. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this device.

Minimize Leaking

Leaking occurs when you press your clothes at lower temperatures. To prevent this, press the delicate fabrics first before adding water. After the required items required steam, empty the water. This stops drips, and the heat helps evaporate the remaining moisture. It also helps reduce the mineral deposits on the soleplate.

Clean Out the Surface Occasionally

To remove any added residue, start by cleaning out your iron’s soleplate – following your manufacturer’s instructions – and even if you use starch.

Use Tap Water

Nearly all irons use tap water, unless the water is hard. Check your manual to see what’s best for your device.

What Should I Look For in a Steam Iron?

When looking for a steam iron here are some important things that you should consider:


Heat and steam are important for removing wrinkles. While most of the irons tested will remove wrinkles, usually, the irons that produce little steam take longer to complete the job.


Look for an iron that is either stainless steel, ceramic, nonstick, or anodized aluminium. The best gliders are usually ceramic or stainless steel.


Irons have slides, dials, and other digital controls. Make sure that the fabric settings are marked and that they are easy to see and adjust.

Final Words About This Maytag M400

To conclude this Maytag M400 review, I think that this is a reliable steam iron that’s great for home and professional usage. By using this iron, you’ll find the task of pressing your clothes easier than ever. Thus, we suggest that you get this product to ensure that your clothes remain appealing and presentable. If however, you wish to check out our other articles, especially the best steam iron reviews, you know where to begin.

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