Sunbeam Steam Master Iron

There’s one thing that people like about Sunbeam Steam irons – they’re inexpensive. The most expensive models are usually sold at about $40, but you can buy one of reasonable quality for about $25.

But why should you get the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron? We’ll explain its features in this review fully and why you need one.

Sunbeam Steam Master Iron Review


  • 1400-Watts
  • Dual Spray Mist
  • Retractable Cord
  • Variable Steam
  • Shot of Steam


The Sunbeam Steam Master Iron is a powerful steam iron with a smooth gliding stainless steel soleplate. While there’s only 15 holes on the soleplate, it’s able to remove wrinkles without too much of a hassle.

There are 4 different settings for its variable steam lever that includes a dry option for pressing materials such as wool. The anti-drip feature will ensure that the water doesn’t leak once the iron is warming up and is ready to steam. You can use the dual spray mist to help dampen materials when needed.

You’ll have access to a shot of steam feature for stubborn wrinkles by touching the button at the top. Users can also do vertical steaming with this same feature, and the steam shots work in 3 second intervals.

This feature, while not unique to this iron, allows for the straightening of clothes and other garments while keeping them dry through the production of the other steam burst. You can target a crease and remove it within seconds by using a powerful burst of steam without heavily wetting your shirt.

The Sunbeam Steam Master allows for the production of double the amount of mist. This allows it to dampen light fabric before or after ironing and to prevent destruction or burning. You’ll find it easier to remove the wrinkles from your clothes while preventing burning or destruction.

With its anti-calc system, the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron can remove the calcium deposits placed inside the water tank of this iron. Calcification is common in water kettles or steam irons because of the use of tap water. The iron prevents the scale from forming and allows for one to use tap water without having to use distilled water.

Like many clothes iron models today, the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron is no stranger to safety measures. This iron automatically cuts off power after a period of inactivity.

When it’s left facing down or on another side, it sleeps for about 30 seconds. Once it’s left on its base, it goes off within 15 minutes. This feature gives users more security and prevents any future issues from happening.

Performance wise, the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron it’s a lot better than a regular iron and it works on a multitude of fabrics with ease. The water tank lasts long, so it’s not a big hassle to refill it.


  • Spot on temperature - The Sunbeam Steam Master Iron has a precise temperature setting which allows users to press their clothes without burning the fabric.
  • Works on Tough Creases - Users who use this device are able to remove wrinkles and creases in between buttons and other hard to reach areas.
  • Heats Up Quickly - With over 1400 watts of power, you can iron your clothes in less than 30 seconds.
  • Applicable for seams - Users like the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron because of its ability to work with large stitches of clothing.
  • Large water tank - This allows users to continue to iron shirts without having to refill it constantly.


  • Reports of it leaving stains - Some users reported that the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron had left some unwanted stains on their clothes.
  • Cord retracts forcefully - The cord reels back too fast, which can be a slight annoyance for the user.

What is a clothes iron?

Irons are easy to use on fabrics but not on pleats, ruffles, and sleeves. Heavier fabrics such as will respond better to the iron’s hot plate.

Irons are good for pressing trousers and dress shirts – basically, anything that needs a crease removed. But, you’ll need a sturdy ironing board. The space that’s required for one places your iron at a slight disadvantage in comparison to a steamer.

The iron you use doesn’t have to be heavy to create a quality press. In fact, old school irons that were placed on a stove top create a top-notch finish due to their weight.

Tips For Getting the Most Out of an Iron

  • More steam, more holes – A steam iron with multiple holes can act as a steamer. Place the iron at a short distance from the clothes and then use the steam option.
  • Temperature accuracy – Check out the temperature settings to see if you’re using the correct amount of heat for the fabric that’s ironed.
  • Use Iron Guards while ironing – When ironing delicate fabrics or wool, don’t iron it directly. You can use iron guards or place cotton on top of it before ironing.
  • Spray water to remove those tough wrinkles – Some dampness helps in getting out the wrinkles.
  • Start with a low heat setting – If you’re ironing fabric for the first time, start at a lower heat setting and then move up.
  • Avoid attracting lime deposits in the base of your iron plate – Use distilled water in your iron to avoid creating lime deposits.

Remember, when using an iron, you always want to be safe than sorry. This means that you should not leave it unattended. Even if you’re about to leave the room for a few seconds, turn the iron off. You could potentially save yourself from a fire.


For sewers and quilters, the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron is your best friend. When using this device, make sure to practice it on a lower heat setting at first. Due to its dual spray mist, 1400 watts of power and other features, you’ll have a reliable steam iron that will give you and your clothes the look you deserve.