The Total T-FAL Steam – Ceramic Flat Iron Review

No matter who you are, you’ve definitely experienced the annoyance of buying a new iron. It’s one of those modern-day tasks that pop-up on us unexpectedly and prove to be a massive pain.

You’ve probably stumbled across this review because you’re looking up various models of steam irons, hoping that you’ll find the best iron for your everyday needs. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got you covered.

In this product review, we’re going to be taking a look at the T-FAL FV4017 Ultraglide Steam, a ceramic flat iron that packs a hell of a punch. Let’s start off by diving into an overall look at this garment steamer, before checking out what features it has and sizing up the pros and cons.

Why Should you Consider the T-FAL Steam - Ceramic Flat Iron?

The T-FAL Steam iron is produced by Tefal, a French company which has been in business since 1956. They don’t just make steam irons, though. Tefal makes a whole variety of homeware products and are considered a powerhouse in the industry.

Buying from a heritage company like this is always a good choice if you’re after reliability and a steam iron that’s put together well. You’re always guaranteed good results if you go with a quality brand.

Tefal have several irons in their T-FAL range, and we’re going to be taking a look at their ceramic flat iron. If you’re after an iron that’s ergonomic, easy to use, and has a massive 1700-watts of power, then the T-FAL Steam might just be the model for you.

It really is an all-rounder of a machine. The ceramic soleplate is a brilliant addition and shows off just how easy ironing can be when you’re using the right iron for the job. It can handle all materials and is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We’re going to continue this review by taking a deeper look at the various functions this model comes with and how they can make your laundry life that much easier.

Features of the T-FAL Steam - Ceramic Flat Iron

  • Straight off-the-bat, one of the most noticeable features of the T-FAL Steam is the durilium ceramic soleplate. They’re of exceptional build quality and really make a difference in the performance of the steam iron. It glides perfectly across fabrics.
  • The ergonomic steam trigger on this garment steamer is simple to use and provides maximum functionality. It makes even the toughest of materials a breeze to iron. The handle is also well-made and makes long laundry sessions a pleasure (instead of a pain).
  • At 1700-watts, this iron is definitely on the higher end of the market when it comes to power. No wrinkle or crease is a problem when it comes to the T-FAL Steam as it handles them with ease. If you’re after a steam iron with a lot of power behind it, then this is certainly a great option.
  • A well-designed precision point tip makes all the difference when it comes to tackling hard-to-iron areas; such as collars, pleats, and maneuvering around fiddly buttons. This might sound like a silly thing to list as a feature, but anyone who has had to iron complicated fabrics will agree that a precision point is absolutely necessary to do the job right.
  • Like many modern irons, the T-FAL Steam comes pre-equipped with an automatic shut-off feature. This proves to be a brilliant safety feature, as it’s all too easy to forget to unplug your iron when you’re late for work or quickly ironing your children’s school clothes.

As you can see, T-FAL irons are packed full of features and safety precautions. They are clearly produced with ease-of-use and reliability in mind. Which is what makes them such fantastic little machines.

Pros and Cons of the T-FAL Steam - Ceramic Flat Iron

Before any household purchase, it’s important to weigh up all of the positives and negatives of the product. Taking an unbiased look at just the facts allows you to weigh up both sides of the machine with only a quick glance.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the T-FAL Steam and see if it’s the ceramic flat iron for you and your needs.


  • Durilium ceramic soleplate with ultra-smooth glide.
  • A steam trigger for maximum comfort.
  • Anti-drip technology.
  • Precision point tip.
  • Extra wide base for stability.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Temperature-ready indicator light.
  • Vertical steam feature.


  • Despite having anti-drip technology, some customers have noticed a small amount of leakage.
  • Fairly standard iron-design. Nothing new in terms of looks.

As you can see, the list of pros for the T-FAL Steam is considerably longer than the cons. Honestly, it was hard for me to find many negatives about the T-FAL FV4017. It’s a reliable machine that gets the job done.

The Verdict

Any product bought from Tefal can be assured to be high-quality and without any setbacks. The T-FAL Steam Irons, in particular, are long-lasting and sturdily put together.

As we previously mentioned, there have been reports of the T-FAL splashing water or leaking a little bit on the first few uses. However, when you check out the long list of features and pros, it’s easy to look past this small downside.

The most impressive part of this particular model is how well put together it is and just how reliable a machine it is. You’d be hard-pressed to find another steam iron (at this price point) which does the job as efficiently and effectively as the T-FAL Steam.

With 1700-watts of power behind it, this certainly isn’t a low-powered steam iron. The ceramic soleplate heats up evenly, fast, and to the perfect heat. It’s also easy to clean and long-lasting; which is always something you should look for in a brand new iron.

As with any household purchase, take the time to browse the market and seek out alternatives if you’re unsure about making a decision right now.