Top 10 Best Garment Steamers 2019

Keeping your clothes in the right condition is essential to looking good, and even the best clothes can look out of place if they’re covered in wrinkles and creases. Of course, you could always iron your clothes, but that takes too long, and it can do some damage to more delicate fabrics and even graphic transfers.

Ironing also takes a lot of effort, and you have to make sure that you use the proper technique so that you don’t accidentally damage your clothes with the heat. In the end, a garment steamer can smooth out your clothes far more easily than an iron, and today, we’re going to review ten of the best garment steamers out there.

Jiffy J-2000

  • The 1300-watt heating element that runs on 120 volts
  • Durable plastic housing improves resilience
  • Heats up in around two minutes
  • The six-inch wide head provides good coverage
  • ¾ gallon reservoir holds enough water for 1.5 hours of steaming
  • Hose is 5.5 feet long
  • Castering wheels make it easier to move around


The Jiffy J-2000 is a high-end model that will cost a little bit more than some of the competition, but it is worth the money if you need its expanded capabilities. First off, this model has 1300 watts of steaming power, which should be more than enough for home use, even for larger families.

The inclusion of a ¾ gallon water reservoir also means that you can steam a lot of clothes without having to shuttle back and forth between the sink to refill the steamer. Thanks to a combination of excellent build quality and a durable plastic casing, this garment steamer is also one of the most reliable ones out there.

Deneve Portable Garment Steamer

  • Just under 1000 watts of steaming power
  • The power cord is nine feet long
  • Comes with a 7-ounce water reservoir for up to 10 minutes of steaming time
  • Warms up in just two minutes
  • Auto-shutdown feature when the reservoir runs out or the steamer overheats


If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, this model from Deneve is an excellent model for smaller families or fewer clothes. While this model still has an impressive steaming power level of just under 1000 watts, it’s a lot more compact than models like the J-2000.

Due to its smaller dimensions, the Deneve is easier to store when not in use, and it’s easier to carry around the house or when you are traveling. However, its smaller size also means that this garment steamer only has a 7-ounce water reservoir that provides up to ten minutes of steaming time, so you may want to stay near the sink.

Joy Mangano 900-Watt My Little Steamer

  • Equipped with 900 watts of steaming power
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • No need for filtered or distilled water
  • Features a window to monitor water levels
  • Retractable power cord improves convenience
  • Triangle head provides ample steam coverage when in use


This garment steamer from Joy Mangano is a convenient choice for customers who need a compact garment steamer that can be stored anywhere and transported with ease. This is due to the inclusion of a retractable power cord as well as a compact design that is nearly shaped like a kettle.

The viewing window in the side of this garment steamer allows you to see how much water you have left so that you don’t start steaming something just before you run out. With a 900-watt heating element, you won’t have to wait too long for this steamer to be ready for use.

Epica Steamer 850 Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer

  • The 850-watt heating element heats up water in two minutes
  • Provides up to 12 continuous minutes of steam
  • 7-ounce direct-fill water tank doesn’t have to be disassembled
  • Comes included with a fabric brush as well as a lint remover
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Triangle head provides ample steam coverage when in use


This steamer from Epica may not have the most powerful heating element, but 850 watts should be more than enough for home use, and it can still create steam in just two minutes. One of the main advantages of this model is that you won’t have to wait for it to reheat, with the full 12 minutes of steam ready as soon as it’s done warming up.

Filling up this fabric steamer is also easier than with other models, as it comes equipped with a direct-fill tank that you won’t have to detach or disassemble. This model even comes equipped with a couple of accessories, including a fabric brush and a lint remover that you can use before or after steaming your clothes.

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

  • Extremely powerful 1500-watt heating element
  • Warms up in only 45 seconds
  • 40-ounce removable water tank provides up to 45 minutes of steam
  • Comes equipped with a fabric brush attachment
  • Telescopic pole and clothes hanger hook improve ease of use


The SF-407 from Steamfast is one of the more impressive products in its price range, with a 1500-watt heating element and a 40-ounce removable water tank. This model straddles the line between residential and light commercial use, as it has enough water for up to 45 minutes of steam.

Thanks to its powerful heating element, the SF-407 is also quick to warm up, taking about 45 seconds to be ready for use. This steamer also comes with a telescoping pole that you can use in conjunction with the included rust-free clothes hanger so that you can have a free hand while steaming your clothes.

PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Garment Steamer Model

  • The 1500-watt heating element heats up the reservoir in 45 seconds
  • The 61-oz water reservoir holds enough for up to an hour of steaming
  • Comes with a full five-year warranty
  • Includes a collapsible hangar, plastic nozzle, mini steam board, and more accessories


The PurSteam fabric steamer provides the buyer with excellent value for money, as it comes included with everything you’ll need to get started steaming your clothes. In addition to the range of accessories that come included with this steamer, you’ll also benefit from a 1500-watt element and a 61 oz water reservoir.

This element will heat up the 61 ounces of water in just under a minute, and you’ll be able to steam your clothes for up to an hour before you need a refill. The PS-910 also features impressive build quality (mainly due to its cast aluminium element), and it comes with a five-year warranty to show for it.

Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Steamer Model

  • The 1500-watt heating element provides additional power
  • 81-ounce water reservoir provides enough steam for an hour
  • Insulated handle stays at a comfortable temperature
  • Comes included with a hanger and garment clips
  • Collapsible pole makes it easier to store
  • Comes with a fabric brush, lint pad, and crease attachment


Overall, the Rowenta IS6200 is an impressive garment steamer that is a little more expensive than many of the other choices on this list. However, with this steamer, you’ll be sure to get what you paid for, as it features a 1500-watt heating element that can warm up the 81-ounce water reservoir in moments.

Due to this extra-large reservoir, the IS6200 can operate for up to an hour before it needs to be refilled. This garment steamer is also designed to be as convenient as possible, as it comes with a foot-operated power switch, wheels so that it can tilt and roll, as well as a range of attachments.

Rowenta DG8520 Precision Steam Station

  • An exceptional 1800-watts of steaming power
  • 47 oz tank provides you with 1.5 hours of steam
  • Takes three minutes to heat up
  • The ergonomic handle is ideal for longer sessions
  • Detailed control panel with various indicators and warning lights


The Rowenta DG8520 is the most expensive model that we have reviewed yet, but you’ll also find that it is the most capable. This model is equipped with an 1800-watt heating element that creates just over 5 bars of pressure, greatly improving results when eliminating wrinkles and creases.

This model comes equipped with a 47 oz water reservoir that can provide you with steam for up to 1.5 hours, though it can last up to 2 hours on the Eco setting. You’ll also benefit from the inclusion of a precision tip which makes it easier to ease out wrinkles in tough spots like collars or pockets.

Pure Enrichment PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer

  • The 800-watt element is sufficient for home use
  • Takes only two minutes to be fully heated
  • The 6 oz reservoir provides up to 10 minutes of steam
  • Extremely compact design improves portability
  • Automatically shuts down when the water level is too low
  • 2-year warranty included


The PureSteam fabric steamer from Pure Enrichment may not seem all that impressive when you look at just the specifications, but this model is one of the most compact options around. If you need a garment steamer that you can bring with you on trips, then this will be likely to fit in your baggage.

While it makes a few sacrifices to be so small, the PureSteam still features impressive performance. For example, the 800-watt element can heat up the reservoir in just two minutes, and while you may only have 6 ounces of water at a time, it can still last for up to ten minutes of continuous steam.

Shark GS500 Press and Refresh Steamer

  • Takes only 60 seconds to fully warm up
  • Features a 7 oz reservoir that provides you with 8 continuous minutes of steam
  • Can be used with tap water, but distilled water is recommended
  • Comes included with a vertical press pad, velcro clips, steam bonnet, and more


The GS500 from Shark is a little different than the other garment steamers, as it features a compact and ergonomic design that combines the best parts of a steamer and an iron. One of the best parts of this steamer is that it can be used either vertically or horizontally, making it just as suitable for clothes as it is for upholstery.

With a 7-oz reservoir, this steamer can operate for up to 8 minutes, but it is relatively easy to refill, making it a little better suited for longer jobs. The compact dimensions of this steamer also make it more portable, as you can just as easily store it away as you can slide it into a suitcase. This makes the GS500 a top candidate for the title of best travel steamer.

Buying Guide


One of the primary concerns that should be in your mind when you’re buying your new garment steamer is whether or not it’s reliable. Nobody wants to waste their money on a steamer that’s going to stop working as soon as the warranty runs out, so be sure to prioritize build quality.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always result in a better product. You can find plenty of durable and reliable garment steamers at a reasonable price.

Warm-Up Time

Warm-up time is another thing to consider when choosing the best garment steamer for your needs. Sitting around waiting for the steamer to be ready for use can get tiresome, so you’ll want to look for a model that takes under five minutes to heat up, though two minutes would be preferable.

Keep in mind that the warmup time will be related to the power of the heating element as well as the amount of water in the reservoir.


Finally, the size of your garment steamer will determine where you can store it and whether or not you can bring it with you on trips. If you want to keep your clothes pristine while you’re on vacation, then you’re going to need a garment steamer that can fit in your luggage with ease.


In the end, finding the best garment steamer doesn’t have to be a challenge, as there are plenty of excellent products on the market. We hope that we’ve managed to present a varied and interesting selection of the best handheld clothes steamer models out there.