Joy Mangano 900-Watt My Little Steamer

The Joy Mangano My Little Steamer should be considered if you plan on traveling frequently. Its 30-minute continuous stream, auto shutoff feature, lightweight size (2 lbs), and low power draw features you might need in a clothes steamer.

Everybody needs a clothes steamer every now and then. They are handy gadgets that can be used on the go. Due to the market competing for your attention, it can be difficult to find which ones are worth your time even if it’s for a second glance.

Is the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer worth your money?

Let’s find out!


  • 8" power cord
  • 11-ounce tank
  • 3 minutes to fully heat the steam
  • Low power draw (900 watts)
  • Weight: 2 lbs


Need a travel steamer whose size and functionality will keep your clothes in good condition? Then the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer is a great option.

It uses tap water, which is nice as a feature. Most garment steamers require the use of distilled water which can be annoying if you run out. But, you can refill this device at a faucet, making it a convenient steamer to work with.


The Joy Mangano My Little Steamer has an appealing design and comes in assorted colors. It’s 8” Tall and 3-¼” wide with a retractable cord and uses AC power that has an illuminated on/off switch and over 900 watts of power.

This steamer is designed for travel and features a waterproof storage pouch for packing. Not only is it easy to pack, but its lightweight design makes it simple to use.

However, the only negative aspect of this steamer is that the steamer only lasts for 10 minutes. We suggest that you use this unit near a sink to avoid constant trips back and forth to refill the device. It works well on tougher fabrics such as leather, suede, and velvet as well as delicate materials.

The steamer is great for occasions such as proms, formals, and weddings. It can handle fancy fabrics and folds such as taffeta, linen, tulle, georgette, organza, floral lace trimming, and chiffon. We suggest that you use the Joy Magano My Little Steamer for refreshing fabrics and minor touch-ups.

Automatic Shutoff

For extra safety, Mangano added an Automatic shutoff feature. Steamers and irons forget that they’re running, and steamers are ruined by heat once the tank is dry. Any feature that prevents us from our own mistakes is a GREAT tool to have.


One thing that stands out is the steamer’s power. It uses only 900 watts of power, making it useful for travel and for areas of that can’t handle high amounts of electrical current (i.e., an RV). Other handheld steamers can draw for speeds up to 1200 – 1600 watts. 

Reliability and Ease of Use

The steamer weighs 3lbs full which can strain your wrists over long periods of usage. But for the operating time of the tank (which runs at a max of 30 minutes); it only becomes an issue if you’re planning on refilling it for a larger project.

Since its a handheld steamer, it’s not designed to handle the same scale as a full-size steamer (which might have gallon sized tanks that can operate for hours on one fill).

Overall, the Joy Magano My Little Steamer is easy to use, reliable, and does the job correctly, even though its 900 watts of power makes the clothes damp, instead of higher powered models that let off a superheated dry steam.

Who Should Use It?

The Joy Mangano My Little Steamer is perfect steamer for someone who wants a solid “wet steam” device to use around the house.

While it can work on thicker material, we wouldn’t recommend it. For instance, it can work on leather, but it will be difficult to work on large fabrics (i.e., Using it on large curtains such as a hotel’s blackout curtains).

But for simple garment steaming it works fine, and for other fabrics, it works downright perfect.

What makes this steamer standout is its tank size. This places it ahead of its competitors who have might be able to outperform the device, but share the same issue: small tank size, which is less than ½ a cup on some cases.

We recommend the Joy Magano My Little Steamer as a mid-range option when choosing a garment steamer. While it lacks in speed and performance on small scale jobs, it makes up for it when you’re steaming more than 2 garments.

You can use the My Little Steamer for steaming wrinkles out of a garment that’s remained in storage for over 3+ months. Alternatively, it can be used to steam clothes for a wedding, funeral, church, or any other formal event.

It bridges the gap between an upright and handheld steamer in that regard, making it a good purchase in our opinion.

A Few Things to Note

While this steamer is easy to use, here are some tricks that will help you utilize it. For instance, holding it at the right angle for the best effect is more of an art than a science, and you will need to learn how much steam is needed on your fabrics on a case by case basis.

Since it’s a plastic kettle, take care of it when using it. Most first-time steam owners are complacent with their new tools and don’t give their steamer the respect they deserve. It’s very HOT! So treat it accordingly.

Some users said that excessive use could harm the device’s internal functions, but other users were able to use the device for years. Personally, I haven’t had any issue with the product’s reliability.


  • Easy to Use
  • Large Tank Size
  • Long 8" Power Cord


  • Not good for large projects
  • Too large to pack with luggage
  • Heavy over long periods of time


Basically, the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer is the best option for travel. Not only does it have a tank that can last for 30 minutes, but it can steam your clothes leaving it slightly damp. Still, it’s a high-quality steamer that should be used to enhance your professional appearance.