PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer Review

Looking good is about a lot more than just your aesthetics. When you look good, you feel energetic and confident, but keep in mind that your clothes play a key role in keeping you looking your best. It’s not about how expensive your clothes are or who makes them; it’s more about how you wear them.

Clothes that are properly sized and clean will look good regardless of whether they cost two dollars or 200 dollars, but it takes a bit of maintenance to keep your clothes looking as good as possible. For example, you’ll need to wash your clothes frequently enough to keep them looking good and smelling fresh.

Another crucial part of caring for your clothes is ensuring that they don’t have any creases or wrinkles in them. While a good folding technique can go a long way towards reducing or eliminating both of them, wrinkles and creases will still pop up from time to time, and you need to be able to handle them.

The best way to eliminate wrinkles from your clothing is to use a garment steamer, which many see as a more convenient alternative to the iron. Today, we’re going to review one of the best garment steamers on the market: the PureSteam portable fabric steamer from Pure Enrichment.

Warm-Up Time

Before we get to our review, we’ll cover some of the most important aspects in garment steamer design, starting with warm-up time. As you’d expect, this is how long it takes for a garment steamer to get heated up and ready to work, and it’ll usually depend on how powerful the element is.

Most steamers will take between two to three minutes to warm up, and anything over five minutes is excessive. Keep in mind that commercial models may take longer to warm up due to their more substantial water reservoir and because they operate for extended periods of time.

Build Quality

You’ll also want to consider the build quality of your new garment steamer, as that will determine how reliable it is in the long run. A poorly-made garment steamer will be little more than a waste of time, as it will be likely to fail before you even get your money’s worth out of it.

You can often predict a product’s build quality based on the reputation of the maker, as companies that make quality products tend to remain consistent. Materials will also play a role in the build quality of a product, with more resilient materials costing more but also lasting longer.

The best way to determine whether or not a particular manufacturer is reliable is to ask around in your friend group and to check out customer feedback about the product that you’re considering.

Puresteam Portable Fabric Steamer Review


  • Features a compact 800-watt element
  • Only takes two minutes to warm up
  • Comes equipped with a 6 oz reservoir
  • Holds enough water for up to 10 minutes of steam
  • Designed to be as small and portable as possible
  • Auto-shutdown feature when water runs out
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


The PureSteam fabric steamer from Pure Enrichment is much smaller than most of its competitors. It can however still match many of them in performance. If you’re looking for a small, reliable garment steamer that you can bring anywhere, then you’ll be hard pressed to find something better than this PureSteam.


As we mentioned, the first thing that you’ll notice about this steamer is that it’s much smaller than many other models, with dimensions similar to a mini water kettle. Despite its small size, this model still comes equipped with a six-ounce reservoir that lets it produce a surprising amount of steam.

On average, this model will give you about ten minutes worth of steam after taking two minutes to warm up. This short warm-up time means that you won’t have too much downtime to worry about when you refill the PureSteam in the middle of a large batch, but this model is ideal for smaller amounts of clothes.

Where the PureSteam fabric steamer truly shines is when traveling or if you don’t have a lot of space in your house. You can store this model nearly anywhere, ranging from drawers to small alcoves. It’s even easier to fit the PureSteam into a bag or a piece of luggage before a long trip.

This model also comes equipped with safety features that include an automatic shutoff when the water level runs too low, reducing the risk of fire. When you compare this PureSteam portable model to the other mini fabric steamers on the market, you’ll find that it’s far more reliable thanks to its excellent construction.

What Others Say

Customer reviews were divided over this product, with some buyers mentioning that the customer service for this product was excellent. The company was often taking the initiative for defective models. This was mixed with praises for the two-year warranty that comes included with the PureSteam portable fabric steamer.

On the other hand, there are plenty of complaints related to leakage, especially when the water starts boiling. Many buyers recommend that you don’t fill this garment steamer to the top so that you can prevent spillage, though this reduces the amount of steam that you can get out of it.

Buying Advice

While the PureSteam is rather cheap, it is much smaller than many other reliable products in the same price range. If you’re looking for a compact garment steamer, then this model will likely be worth it, but you can get far larger products for a similar price if you’re planning on using this at home.


Compact garment steamers are often riddled with reliability and build quality problems, so we were impressed by this model’s assembly. Despite a few issues, this is still one of the smallest clothes steamers you’ll come across, and it’s an excellent choice for the frequent traveler who wants to look good.