Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

Garment steamers are becoming more popular as buyers are starting to steam their clothes instead of ironing them. Steam is more effective at removing wrinkles and odors without ruining the quality of the fabric.

Besides that, it’s more gentle, especially on delicate fabrics, and creates a shine on heavier fabrics. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

Are you tired of ironing and wasting your money on an expensive steamer and dry cleaning services? Then you should plan on buying the Steamfast SF-407. It’s fast, convenient, reliable, and works on all sorts of fabrics ranging from blouses to shirts.

Read along, as we will give our honest and detailed review on the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer.


The Steamfast SF-407 won’t just help you remove awkward wrinkles from your clothes. It will also help freshen your drapes and upholstery. In fact, it can be used for all sorts of heavy fabric in your home such as heavy bed linens and cushion covers. However, you should test it out on a small area before placing it on a delicate piece of fabric.

It will help you remove wrinkles from shirts blouses, skirts, dresses and pretty much any clothing that can fit on the hanger. Once you become more skilled at using this machine, your traditional iron will begin to feel a little outdated.


  • Attachable Fabric Brush
  • 1500 watts of power
  • 4 smooth rolling casters for optimum mobility
  • Press pad that works as a mini ironing board
  • Superior efficiency – Becomes fully heated in 45 seconds.

40 oz Water Tank

The most convenient feature of the SF-407 is its 40 oz water tank. Simply take out the water tank and fill it with distilled or tap water. Distilled water produces more steam, but using tap water won’t damage the steamer.

When you’re finished steaming and have extra water available, remove the tank and pour out the remaining content. This prevents unwanted minerals from entering the machine and reducing its lifespan and efficiency.

Clothes Hanger Hook

The clothes hanger hook is one of its most innovative accessories. It allows users to place their clothes in an upright position for an easy and quick stroke of steam. The hook won’t rust, is rugged, and is designed to help your garments stay clean. For fashion designers, this accessory will save you time on cleaning your most important garments.

Fast Pre-Heating

This steamer features over 1500 watts of power which have fast steam production. Once it pre-heats for about 45 seconds, the device is ready to produce steam. This is an amazing feat despite the SF-407’s large size.

Its moderately sized reservoir can create a continuous amount of steam for 45 minutes. This indicates that this machine is one of the most efficient garment steamers on the market. This steam can deodorize and de-wrinkle the toughest fabrics.

Tools For Steam Precision

The Steamfast SF-407 Steamer comes with extra tools that help users steam more precisely. These accessories include a hook for clothes, a telescopic pole, a press pad, and an attachable fabric brush.

Telescopic Pole

The telescopic pole provides optimal user comfort and is easy to store. This means users can work at various heights without any issues, although some users wished that the pole was a bit longer.

The telescopic wand allows you to steam skirts, shirts, long dresses, sheets and trousers at their entire length. That’s because the pole is detachable and can be adjusted to various heights. This means that it takes up less space in the attic/storage room.

Attachable Fabric Brush

This acts as an additional attachment to help remove loose lint, hair or other loose items that can land on your fabrics.

Improved Accuracy

Do you want to have more control over your steaming? The SF-407’s press pad makes users lives a bit easier. The press pad acts as an ironing board where you can place your garments or fabrics while steaming. This ensures that you have a flawless result, no matter what fabric you’re working on. It gives you more precision when eliminating those pesky wrinkles.

What Fabrics is It Most Used On?

This fabric steamer is mainly used on dresses, shirts, blouses, coat pants, suits and other items such as shower curtains, table linens, fabric furniture, drapes, and towels. However, it’s not recommended to be used on delicate materials and synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester.

Who Should Buy This?

The Steamfast Steamer SF-407 is a great garment cleaner for users on a budget. Upgrade to this fabric cleaner, and you’ll not only have cleaner clothes every day, but you can also reduce time when steaming them.

The large reservoir, easy-roll casters, and handy accessories make it a great companion for your fabric steaming tasks.


  • Maneuverability: The steamer is about 5.2 lbs, making it very lightweight. Add in the 4 rolling casters, and you have a unit that can easily be maneuvered around your house for your daily steaming uses.
  • Quick Preheating: Once plugged in, it only takes about 45 seconds before its ready to be used. This is a great advantage if you’re short on time and need your clothes pressed quickly.
  • Ease of Use: It’s equipped with a few multi-user friendly features. For instance, the removable water tank makes it easy for refilling, while the detachable telescope pole allows for simpler compact storage.


  • Weak Hook: On occasion, the hook wiggles around when it is in use.
  • Expendable pole: The expandable pole is a bit too short. Users have to bend down to reach the bottom. It needs to be longer.
  • Overheating: The hose can get very hot once steaming.


Overall, the Steamfast Steamer SF-407 is a simple, easy to use steamer with accessories that enhance its precision. It’s also very versatile and fast, so you can use it for furniture, clothes, and anything that has fabric on it. it’s a great choice and is affordable if you don’t have the energy to iron or buy an expensive steamer.